Ladies!! 5 Simple Ways To Keep a Guy Interested In You

By on October 4, 2016
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Are You Social?

i-1329349_640Guys get bored easily, well this could be due to their impatience and animalistic behavior, so to keep a guy interested when dating, there are things you need to know

First, you need to discover what he likes and dislikes, do more of what he likes and less of what he dislikes

Secondly find out his areas of weaknesses, then make a conscious effort to help him improve on them, like for instance if your guy gets angry easily, whenever he goes on an angry spree in the form of an argument, never get angry and retaliate in an outburst, instead result to pleading and acting like a little baby. Overtime he will learn to overcome the anger and see no need to get angry with you no matter what

Sooner he will realize that you are very good for him and won’t want to loose you

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Thirdly, never police him or act like his mother, always wanting to know what he is up to, rather let him come onto you to talk to you, and whenever he tells you about anything, never be judgemental instantly, even when you know its a silly or bad idea, just maintain your calm. If you are always judgmental instantly with your guy, he will loose interest in sharing things with you. Guys love it when they can talk to their girl about anything and not feel judged.

Fourthly, never nag your guy, its worst than suicide, the more you nag your guy the more you push him away, if you want him to see reason with you or get things done by you, there other ways apart from nagging, simply leading by example goes a long way, when you do what you want him to do by way of example, subconsciously you program him mind into it. Whenever you have something to say, just say it and let him be, never nag him, instead take initiatives behind the scene to push him towards your goals.


Lastly, be homely, don’t be to much of a social butterfly, guys love homely girls, although they give the impression that they love social butterflies, well the truth is, they only love them to hang out with and for sex, but they love to come home to a lovely girl who would cook for them, listen to them and make them feel cozy.

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