health beauty lifestyle - slimmer better youYes!! yes!! its just me all by myself, a sit at home mom passionate about and health and fitness, so i decided to setup a blog in order to share my thoughts, views and opinions with lovely people out there who desire to live a healthy and fit life.

It’s funny, before i used to be out of shape, unhappy and depressed most times, my sex life was plummeting, my social life tanked and all that. so i decided to look for solutions and in the end i did not only find solutions i also discovered i had a knack for this type of stuff.

So here i am now impacting other people, this whole blog is based on person long finding life tips and solutions have come across over the years.

So if you want to live a slimmer sexy better life, then join me….Ladies its time to look sexy for your men, pull off that dress you have been dying to wear for years, fellows you are not left out, beer belly is disgusting and it doesnt help for sex either especially if you are small down below, step up your game, every woman loves a guy who can pull off a 3 piece suit effortlessly.

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