African Mango:One Of The Most Potent Weight Loss Supplement Extract Available Today

By on January 25, 2016
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mangoAfrican Mango The Super Fruit Extract

African Mango is the latest super fruit capsule taking the world by storm, it is derived from the extracts of the Irvingia Gabonesis seed. If you are looking for a weight loss supplement, then African Mango might be just for you. Although there are not enough claims or research on this super fruit, but it’s still worth checking out

African mango has been vital to the development of the nutrition, economy and traditional medicine in the western and southern Africa from Nigeria to Angola with help and support from the UN.

Irvingia Gabonensis

Irvingia Gabonesis is the latin name of a  species of African trees found in the genus Irvingia popularly known as wild mango, African mango, bush mango, dika or ogbono.

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It is widely eaten where they are grown as a snack however it is the seed or nut (fresh or dried) that contains the super powerful ingredients, it is formulated in either liquid, powder or capsules

African Mango Reviews

African Mango has been demonstrated to

  • Delay stomach emptying, which leads to increased absorption of dietary sugars
  • Reduces blood sugar levels after a meal
  • Contains cholesterol improving properties which helps improve total and LDL cholesterol

Some studies claim that

The high fiber content in African Mango seed helps melt away belly fat and trim the waistlines

It is also added or combined with ingredients like green tea to formulate a fat burning supplement that works like a charm

It has also been proven that African Mango has anti-oxidant properties and is rich in vitamins and it also holds anti-microbial and analgesic properties

It has also been discovered to control diabetes and other health related issues making it a very good superfruit for multiple medicinal uses

According to a case study, people who took 150mg of African Mango extract twice a day had a significant improvement in their body weight, fat and waistline, some also experienced better heart health.

African mango extracts boosts the anti-inflammatory hormone adiponectin, which is directly linked with lower risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Adiponectin is secreted to increase the metabolism of fats and cellular absorption of blood sugar.

Leptin is a hormone in the fat cells that controls appetite and African mango extract increases the amount of leptin in the body to help curb appetite

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African Mango Extract

African mango extract includes

  • Magnesium
  • Carbohydrate
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • caffeine

African Mango Diet

Adding African Mango to your diet can help you lose weight tremendously without any additional efforts or rigorous exercise routines. But it will be much easier to take them as supplements as they are not really in abundance in this part of the world unlike Africa where it originates from.

Perhaps when you go on a trip to Africa, be sure to include them in your diet over there

African Mango Weight Loss

Having explained the benefit of African Mango for weight loss, i would say again that using it as part of a healthy diet, it can help you lose weight due to the high content of soluble fiber which will give you a feeling of fullness during and after meals thereby making you eat less often than you normally would.

It also makes sure your blood sugar level is stable

African Mango Side Effects

Surely there is nothing that has no side effects, even drinking to much water could have its effects to. For African Mango the following side effects were observed

  • Slight headaches
  • Mild irritations in the stomach
  • Uneasiness initially

African Mango Diet Pills & Supplement

Yes, you do not have to eat African Mango by all means if you cannot get them as they are grown in Africa, over here in the west they are imported and made into supplements and diet pills

Pure African Mango Advanced 2400mg™ (180 Capsules)

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  • Made in the UK, of highest grade and quality
  • Suitable for both Men & Women
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