Breast Actives can help you grow Bigger Breasts Naturally

By on January 26, 2016
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Breast ActivesBreast-Actives-Products

Breast actives is a breast enhancement program which was launched in 2002 and has already been used by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

Breast actives is a combination of cream, pills and exercise program formulated together to help you get bigger, fuller and firmer breasts. The products are made from 100% natural, safe and effective extracts from plants and herbs which have been provene to be effective on the body.

There are lots of different products/programs that offer breast enhancement or enlargement solutions but these products are usually not effective, natural or to expensive.

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Breast Actives Reviews

Breast actives is a program that has 3 steps to help enlarge the breast size in the most natural and healthy way possible. Due to it’s natural ingredients and exercise program, it leads to an ample development of the breasts, a retouch of the beast contours making the breasts fuller, bigger, firmer thereby giving it a more youthful and appealing appearance.

Breast Active Pills

The pill is made up of natural extracts that help balance hormonal levels thereby stimulating breast growth to increase blood circulation , alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, promote development of new cells in tbe breast tissue and other lovely health benefits.

Breast Actives Cream

The cream is made from natural ingredients as well enabling it to penetrate the skin to infuse the active substances directly into the area where it is mostly needed. Massaging the cream in stimulates blood flow to the area making the breasts fuller and firmer as needed.

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The exercise routine included helps strengthen the muscles around the breasts, tones it and lifts the breasts to make it look more appealing.

Due to the use of herbal ingredients used in Breast Actives, not only does it enhancement breast development, it also promotes overall health performance.



Does Breast Actives Work

Yes breast actives does work, and it works just like the hormone known as estrogen, and likewise phytoestrogen is present in both the pill and cream. Phytoestrogen mimics estrogen but do not cause the side effects that results from estrogen, rather it serves as a dietary estrogen which is extracted from plants and is safe for consumption.


What are the ingredients that makes breast actives work?
Breast actives is a combination of some of this 100% safe natural potent ingredients.

The Pill is made up of

  • Fennel Seed
  • Dong Quai Root
  • Blessed Thistle Root
  • Vitamin E
  • Kelp
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Watercress Leaf
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract

The cream contain

  • Almond Oil
  • Saw Palmetto Extract
  • Avena Sativa Extract
  • Pueraria Mirifica Extract
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Red Clover Extract
  • Wild Yam Extract
  • Vitamin A & E
  • Fenugreek Extract

Breast Actives Before and After


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Breast Actives Results




Breast Actives Testimonials



Since I started using your Breast Active product I feel so much more confident and my friends keep on asking me what I’m doing with them!


I have tried so many different breast enhancement products and programs and you guys have the only one that helped me.


I just wanted to thank you guys for your amazing breast active product that has changed my life. I feel so much better about myself and have more confidence when I’m around people.


Breast Actives Official Website

Breast actives is currently been sold directly by the manufacturer to avoid imitations, as you know these days, any product can be created in china. So click the logo below to go directly to Breast Actives official website


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Breast Actives Complaints & Solutions

Based on the stories and experiences from users and customers, here are some complaints and concerns on the use of Breast actives

Consistency in usage,most user complained that it is difficult to remember to use breast active everyday, doing anything over and over again seems to be an issue for everyone. But to make something work we have to put in the effort, but missing a day or two doesn’t have any adverse effect, but in all it is important you try to be consistent with using the product as specified in order to achieve your desired results

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Another concern for most users was the exercise program included, most just preferred to use the pill and cream and not have to do any exercises, we get it! Just like those who want to lose weight as well, the thought of exercise alone demotivates them. But is it recommended you do the exercises provided as they help get results quicker and permanently

Third complaints most had was the fact that the breast active cream was not convenient to use during the day as it was messy with some type of cloths, we suggest that you use a hair blow dryer on low heat to dry up the cream after application. This allows the cream to dry very fast without affecting its effect, if this doesn’t still work for you then you can use at night only, this may be more convenient and relaxing for you

Fourth complaint was cloths don’t fit like before as the chest area begin to grow, well you can’t have your cake and eat it, you want bigger breast so you must know that you need to invest in new clothing

Fifth complaint for most was that some they experienced their breasts growing faster and others slower. The body system of each person is different, so two people using the same supplement or product cannot experience the exactly the same results.

The final complaint of most women was the unavailability of the product at local stores, well this is a choice the manufacturers made to safeguard the integrity of the product, they decided to only sell online through just their own website to ensure that customers get the product directly from the manufacturer to avoid scams and knockoffs, These days china can imitate just any product you want. “Food for thought”


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Breast Actives Side Effects

There is no product or supplement which has no side effects, even all natural or organic products, the side effects is as a result of ingredients used that may not be good for your body system. Breast actives is not an exception. So here are some likely common effects reported by users of breast actives

  • Some users experienced headaches because of the sudden surge of estrogens in hormone levels
  • Other users experience breast swelling accompanied with tenderness and sensitivity to touch
  • Most users where allergic to at least one of the herbal ingredients used in the formulation of the breast actives pills
  • Some experienced nausea or dizziness when they didn’t take the pill after a meal
  • Some also experienced soreness as they did with PMS soreness of the breasts
  • Lastly some said the product was not effective either due to the improper use or because of their lifestyle choices like increased caffeine, alcohol and smoking with the intake of the pills.
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Although conclusive reports shows that most only experienced these above side effects at the beginning of usage, but eventually as weeks past, they concluded that the side effects faded away.

Breast Actives Q&A

Based on these reports, we also came up with a question and answer question for most issues women complained about

Q:Will i experience increased weight using Breast Actives?
A:No, the ingredients used in making this supplement only works on the hormones responsible for growth tissues in the breast, although it affects the hormonal level of the body, so it’s best to observe your appetite. Be sure to follow the recommended diet and exercise plan included in the system.

Q:Will the breast actives pill hurt my stomach
A:This product is made from herbal extracts, so only just a handful of people have complained about slight stomach discomforts

Q:Will i experience painful breast growth
A:No, the breast growth is just as similar to that of your puberty days, although there might be an occurence of some sensations and minor soreness as you experienced when your breasts first developed

Q:Will the breast growth be permanent?
A:Yes, because the ingredients used are designed to stimulate the hormones to create more tissues in the breast.

Breast Actives Price

Breast actives costs $59.95 for one month supply, $109.95 for two months supply and $179.95 for Four1218220614breast120x90-1 months supply. But of all the these options you will get the best deal by choosing a six month supply which costs $239.95 and you get two months supply free. eight month supply is more than enough to help you get your desired breast size.

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Where Can I Buy Breast Actives

Am sure you are thinking of where to buy breast actives now, well with what’s happening these days, buying products directly from the manufacture is your best bet, it’s funny because, these days you can get any product imitated perfectly from china. So the manufacturers of breast actives decided to make the product solely and exclusively available only through their website


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