How To Liver Detox With Tea, Diet & Drinks

By on January 26, 2016
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Detox: What Does it Mean?green-456839_1280

Detox is the removal of toxic substances from the human body, which is carried out by the liver. Some would say it refers to a withdrawal period during which the human body returns to homeostasis after long term use of an addictive substance.

In order words detox is a term used to wash away anything unclean or toxix in the body system. Likewise in weight loss also, detox is used to remove or burn off fats in the body.

Natural Detox

Natural detox involves the use of cleansing diets, herbs and fasting techniques to detoxify the body. The amount of toxic substances through polluted foods, air, water and the environment is a very good reason to cleanse the colon, liver and other organs

Here are some Natural Detox Methods

oxygen colon cleanse
To be effective it has to be done for six to seven days using distilled water, mixed with organic/raw apple cider vinegar, or aloe vera juice

Candida cleanse
This is done to remove candida from the body by removing foods containing fermented or yeast foods. During this diet you are to avoid all forms of sugar (fruit and fruit juice inclusive), all refined flours and wheat foods plus any food containing yeast and naturall sweetners such as nectar or raw honey. Also during the cleanse you are to avoid alcholic drinks, dried fruits, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables and soy.

Harmful Organism Cleanse
There are lots of herbs out there that can help kill unwanted intestinal infestations affecting your health. Black walnut hull, clove and Wormwood are three herbs that can help create a hostile environment inside the intestinal tract for unwated organisms and also killing existing organisms. Did you know that taking a probiotic supplement can also help get rid of unwanted organisms in the body.

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Liquid Cleanse
This is a superb way to cleanse the body while still maintaining your energy levels. Doing a liquid cleanse involves the use of fresh fruits and vegetable juices, puree soups, miso soups, smoothiies, oils like hemp, coconut, sesame, flax or pumpkin seed oil and fresh clean water.

Toxic metal cleanse
Lots of people have high levels of toxic metals like mecury, aluminum and lead in their bodies, it is highly recommended that you perform at least two cleanses in a year to help get rid of these toxins to avoid accummulation over time.

Raw alkaline food cleanse
This is a temporary detox solution which involves the use of raw fruits and vegetables with a mix of smaller amounts of raw nuts, seeds and sprouts. This is surely an excellent way to detox the colon, liver and other body organs.

Juice Fasts
Here you only consume freshly juiced fruits and veggies for about three days or more. Helpful detox fruits could include apples, carrots, ginger root, spinach, pears, celery, kale, cabbage, pineapple, cranberries and others. Please note that citrus fruits are to be avoided during the fast

Kitheree cleanse
This is an ancient Ayurveric cleanse which is also known as a mono-diet, you can eat a super alkaline diet of mung beans, cooked veggies, basmatic rice and spices. This diet is for a temporary relief to your digestive system and helps with the overall detox when combined with cleansing herbs

Cleansing spices
You can add cleansing spices to your diet to detox, cinnamon, oregano, tumeric, cumin, cilantro, fenugreek, ginger, fennel, caynne pepper, black pepper, clove, parslet and rosemary

Master Cleanse
This cleanse method consists of a diet comprising of freshly juiced lemon, organic grade-B maple syrup, cayenne pepper and spring water


Liver Detox

Alcohol is one of them most abused substance that can cause liver and gallbladder problems, every year more than half a million people in the united states and Canada undergo surgeries to remove their gallbladder because of gallstones

Symptoms of Liver disease include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite, itching, yellow coloring of the eyes, pain in the uppermost part of the stomach and very dark urine

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Want to know if your liver has been compromised? do a blood test


Ways to detox your liver
Some nutrients are needed for the detox of the liver, an adequate supply of essential antioxidants is required in order to prevent further liver damage.

  • Vitamin C, selenium, milk thistle, beta carotene, vitamin E and N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) are strong antioxidants which are helpful for detoxing the liver.
  • The amino acid SAM-E also plays an important part in liver health, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage in diet enhances detox of the liver, you can use those regularly when juicy veggies.
  • Vitamins B, ribogflavin and niacin also aid liver detox. Coffee enema is also used for liver detox as well, the caffeine absorbed into the entero-hepatic system causes the liver ducts as well as the bile ducts to empty into sigmoid colon, thereby releasing the toxins in the liver ducts to make room for toxins from the body to enter the liver for detoxification


Detox Diet

Detox diets some say are a way to remove toxins from the body, typically a period of fasting should be followed by a strict diet of raw vegetables, fruits, fruit juices and water.

Are you about to start a detox diet, then you should know all this

  1. Not all so called healthy foods have detox effects
  2. You should expect to feel a little icky for a while
  3. You shouldn’t do it while sick
  4. Your weight will or may come back on

So bit of advice for you, if you want to do a serious detox diet, eat clean and kick budding bad habits before you start your detox. Eating clean, unprocessed foods free of refined sugars and flours while abstaining from excessinve caffiene and alcohol will make your detox diet more effective, easier and long lasting

You can use detox diet as a way to kickstart making healthier food choices. Here are 59 Detox Diet Recipes That Actually Contain Food


Detox Drinksgreen-682620_1280

Detox drinks help you cleanse, shed body fat, boost your energy and reverse or slow down your aging process, leaving you with a less disease stress free quality of life.

Here are some effective detox drinks you can start using today

  1. fresh pineapple juice
  2. peppermint tea
  3. raw cabbage juice
  4. raw apple juice
  5. lemon water
  6. aloe vera juice
  7. ginger tea
  8. fresh papaya juice
  9. fresh carrot juice
  10. fresh beet juice
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Check out Dr Axe’s has secret detox drink recipe


Detox Tea

Detox tea offers a more gentle approach to detox by adding a few herbal cups to your healthy diet instead of a total overhaul or change of your meals.

In 2007 Giuliana Ranic used the Ultimate Tea Diet to lose seven pounds before her wedding, while Kendall Jenner just recently gave kudos to her tea addiction by attributing her runway model figure to it, sources say she has almost a dozen cups of lemongrass and green tea blend detox tea a day.

Here are some things you should know about detox teas before taking them

  1. You still have to go on a diet and exercise for them to work
  2. You would lose water weight but not actual fat
  3. Some of the detox tea ingredients do have unwanted side effects
  4. Some of these teas may interfere with your sleep
  5. The research on detox teas is vague

Here are 12 popular detox tea ingredients (inner post)


fruit-755715_1280Best Detox Ingredients

The best detox ingredients can help you feel slimmer, healthier and vibrant. These ingredients are the best natural body detox available for you to use for your weight loss plan

  • Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin, co-enzyme B12)
  • Chromium (as chromium picolinate)
  • Sunfiber (partially hydrolyzed guar gum)
  • Pure lemon juice concentrate
  • Cranberry extract
  • Pure grade B maple syrup
  • Milk thistle seed extract
  • Acia fruit extract ( Euterpe oleracea)
  • Cayenne pepper

This list is inexhaustible, but the above are some of the finest till date.

How to Detox

How to detox? well you can start by
1.Replacing your meal each day with a detox diet food item or smoothie
2.Eat organic foods if possible
3.Get good and intensive massages
4.Drink lots of water
5.Replace your morning coffee with green tea
6.Exercise more to sweat it out
7.You should try acupunture to achieve a truly balanced body
8.Eat lots of fiber in it’s most natural form
9.Try fasting once or twice a week
10.Get more sleep each night
11.Avoid polluted and environmental toxins
12.Use priobiotics to help you get rid of bad bacteria
13.Try yoga, new forms of exercising and meditation
14.Infuse superfoods into your meals
15.Cut out simple carbs, white sugar, flour and fried foods.

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