Developmental Psychology: Human Issues

By on October 1, 2017
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Developmental psychology is the study of human behavior and its changes at a particularly level or age. Generally, its methods and processes concentrate on the development and growth of children, adolescents and adults. In short, it is the psychological changes involve in human development. Such scientific discipline examine and evaluate a wide range of subjects such as motor skills, problem solving abilities, havening , language acquisition, psycho-physiological processes, conceptual understanding, identity formation and moral values.

There are various issues that are being address by developmental psychology. It actually answers questions like – Is development a result of a genetic pattern or influence by environmental factors? Does development happen smoothly or abruptly? How does a change occur in a certain age? Does early childhood events have significant progressive and future effect on the individual?

Abnormal Behavior vs. Individual Differences

This is a big issue which concerns most parents. It has a certain impact if a child is developing normally or not. There are a list of standards or a chart that matches a particular age with the corresponding skills and abilities of a child. In such way, developmental psychology study both differences in development and abnormal behavioral traits. However, present day psychology has more focus on the norms along with individual distinctions during child development.

Nature versus Nurture

This is still an ongoing argument whether or not development is a result of heredity or environment. However, many psychologists prove that it is indeed a combination of both elements. There are particular aspects which is biological like puberty. But, such process can be influenced by environmental factors, such as nutrition and peer pressure.

Early Experience and Later Experience

It is still a question whether or not a personality is caused by previous childhood experiences. Or is it simultaneously affected by environmental factors during the course of development. However, studies have shown that childhood does not really have an apparent effect throughout the individual’s life. Meaning, a person with a bad childhood can reach and live a sound adult life.

Continuity vs. Discontinuity

This is an issue that emphasizes on developmental flow. Meaning, specific skills improve as an individual grows older. There might be certain skills which may surface later on in life, and not on the age which is mostly expected to be developed.

Generally, developmental psychology is integrated to other fields like developmental forensics, educational psychology, child psychopathology and others.

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