The effects of coffee on your body after you drink a cup

By on June 25, 2017
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Coffee is a deliciously health drink if taken in moderation, it can give you an instant boost or lift in the morning, most people’s day aren’t complete without a cup first thing in the morning. It is also enjoyed casually in business meetings, light social gatherings and within family gatherings and the likes.

Although you would say there are many who say coffee can be bad for the health, well we believe it is only when it is abused, like every other thing in life, moderation is key. Bet you didn’t know that coffee could be used as an herbal remedy for some mild ailments.

Anyway, let us look at what happens to your body after drinking a cup of coffee

  • After a few minutes or like ten minutes of drinking, once the caffeine enters into the bloodstream, it pumps more blood into your heart making your blood pressure rise
  • In the next eighteen minutes or so, you become more alert and your focus will be laser targeted making it easy for you to make good decisions and solve problems. You feel very energetic and full of life
  • After thirty minutes your adrenaline levels will shoot through the roof and will give you clear vision, drive and tenacity to take on any task
  • After forty minutes, your serotonin levels will begin to rise and this will boost the functioning of your neurons giving you more muscle strength
  • Then after about four hours, the rate at which your body releases energy will increase by the virtue of your body breaking down fats even when you do not perform any activity whatsoever
  • Finally after six hours, the coffee will start to have a diuretic effect on you, not only does the body lose water, it also suffers loses of important vitamins and minerals and this can cause little disorders of calcium metabolism
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Well you can see that drinking coffee is not bad after all, only thing you need to take note of is to drink it in moderation. Overall i find that, coffee gives an instant wake up boost when taking first thing in the morning, it does something to the senses and i am still trying to fathom what that is so that i can explain it. Am not surprised how and why millions of people all over the world drink it daily. It truly is one of nature’s gift to mankind.

So drink up. Cheers

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