Healthy Cleaning Tips with Vinegar

By on August 13, 2017
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Cleaning with vinegar is a time honored and worthy undertaking, as nothing gives the crisp, fresh results that this natural element can. Without perfumes of heavy chemical scents, this powerhouse cleanser disinfects and deodorizes better than any other product, when used and rinsed correctly. Anyone would agree that the initial smell of vinegar is slightly bitter and unpleasant, but once it has been used and rinsed, the air takes on a newness and freshness that is incomparable. How can you begin cleaning your house and office with vinegar? To keep clean your house and office, you can hire professional cleaner services like “commercial cleaning Melbourne” or simply do it by yourself. For starters, let’s talk about your windows.

I remember the smell of my grandma’s house just after she cleaned her windows with vinegar and newspaper. As I grew older I wondered why anyone would even bother with buying window cleaner and paper towel for their windows when the most wonderful ingredients were already right there under the cupboard. To wash your windows inside and out, you will want to begin with a nice, clean spray bottle. Dilute your mild white or yellow vinegar about fifty percent with water.

In other words, fill the spray bottle half way with vinegar and then top it off with tap water. You can shake this mixture all you like, as there are no chemicals to worry about and no chance for excessive bubbles or combustion. Spray your windows liberally with the concoction and begin wiping them with crinkled newspaper. Stand back now, and watch them shine.

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Cleaning with vinegar can be a helpful addition to your floor cleaning routine as well. This distilled fermentation has many of the disinfectant qualities as does bleach without the potential for harming delicate surfaces or overwhelming the air with harsh odors.

Applying vinegar to your floors will cut through any buildup which may be hiding their shine, particularly on hardwood flooring. Cleaning with vinegar will not breakdown or ruin the finishes on cupboards or floors, making this a sure bet for ease and confidence. Vinegar is also an absolute turnoff to ants and other household pests, and cleaning with vinegar often can help to control any infestation problems

Though you will want a 50/50 dilution for cleaning windows, you won’t need as strong a mix for your kitchen and bathroom endeavors. For cleaning with vinegar in these areas, a stout one cup per one gallon dilution will be best. Use very hot water, as hot as you can stand, for the best results. Hot water aids in the dissolving of dirt and grime, and it also evaporates quickly to avoid puddles and streaks. You can use pure vinegar in your sinks and other receptacles, as it will not damage these surfaces either. Plugging the drain and allowing pure vinegar to sit a while on tough stains can do wonders for your utilities.

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