6 Healthy Habits That Are Actually Bad For You

By on February 28, 2017
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We strive to comply with all wildly useful advice of our relatives, friends and even the leading show. In addition, whether we like them or not, we believe that good habits is the key to our healthy lifestyle. We have collected the list of the good habits that are actually harmful for your health.
1. Rejection of fat
In the pursuit of harmony, and out of fear of developing cardiovascular diseases, many people deliberately refuse to use fat, making a big mistake. Fat is necessary for the human body to function normally. However, experts advise to choose unsaturated fats found in nuts, vegetable oils, fat fish, olives and avocados.

2. Drink milk
Many of us were taught that milk is a useful and necessary product, however, recent studies suggest quite the opposite. Casein is a protein contained in milk. It increases the acidity in the stomach, and to neutralize it, the organism is forced to use minerals, including calcium, the deficiency of which leads to osteoporosis. Up to 10 years old age we no longer produce an enzyme that breaks down casein, so it is not recommended for adults to consume milk.

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3. Fresh juices
It is known a lot about the danger of packed juices, that is why it is better to replace it with natural. Unfortunately, even in this case, the daily consumption of such beverages can hardly be considered as a useful habit, because when you squeeze the juice from fruits and vegetables, you remove any dietary fiber, and there remains only water, sugar and some vitamins. It is much better to eat the whole fruit or vegetable to get the maximum benefit.

4. Preference of egg white to the whole egg
Many people stopped to eat egg yolks, when it became known that cholesterol is bad for their bodies. However, there is still some good news: a lot of research shows that cholesterol, in fact, doesn’t really affect its level in the blood. So, if you have high cholesterol, stop eating egg whites only.

5. Fasting days
Most often, fasting days either do not make sense, or are harmful for the body. The sharp reduction in daily calories and a limited set of products can cause serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, so if you’re a bit on the eve of breaking your usual diet, it will be wiser to just go back to the ordinary ratio. The only case where fasting days are appropriate – is a food poisoning, because in such a situation, the body needs to quickly remove toxins.

6. Multivitamin intake
When the rhythm of life is too rapid, people have no time to think about a balanced diet. However, to remain alert and healthy is essential. In this situation we appeal to the multivitamin complexes, which are designed to improve our health and give strength.

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Nevertheless, we should not deceive ourselves, because each of us has individual traits, and before taking vitamins you need to find out, from the lack of which elements your body is suffering. Also, too frequent intake of complex vitamins may contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

As you see, not all the healthy habits are good for your health. That is why, you should be very careful, in order not to harm your body.
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